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Mango sherbet

mango sherbet

This summer has been one of the hottest that I can remember here in Spain. We’ve had several heat waves with temperatures going over 35ºC/95ºF here in Bilbao, which taking into account the humidity here, is A LOT. Since this heat makes it impossible to go outside before 6PM, I’ve been doing a lot of…

A perfect home

Kitchen door "After" – we also painted part of it with chalkboard paint to use as a shopping list!

When we were looking for apartments last year, I knew I wanted at least a two bedroom/1.5 bathroom (one of them en-suite), some kind of outdoor space and in a quiet area. The price had to be right, too, of course. Another one of my must-haves was having white lacquered doors and white trim throughout…

A Piece of Cake


Summertime is always so busy! Even though I’ve been so lucky to have such a long vacation before I star a master’s degree next month, I’ve been pretty occupied with lots of stuff. The first weekend of July I went off with my friends and my boyfriend to a nearby beach town, Suances, to play…