Monthly Archives: October 2010

I Got a New Camera!


… and I hope it shows because it cost  a small fortune: It’s a Canon EOS 550D (also called Rebel T2i) with the 18-55mm objective and I had to wait 3h in line to buy it, at a store that sold it about 200€ cheaper than in other places. I have yet to understand how…

Sneak Peek…


We finally got around to hanging the new curtains. They’re still wet though, so I’ll have to wait before I can shorten them… I’m sorry about the picture quality but it’s really cloudy today and the sun is starting to set, it was hard to take a good one. Also, I added a subscription link…

Home Sweet Home


Today I’m posting a very cheap idea to add art to the walls! I’ve been very busy with my graduate school applications so I haven’t had a lot of free time. I finally got around to asking my teachers for letters of recommendation and paying for the official transcripts, but I have yet to finish…

Casa Shops


We don’t have a lot of home/decor stores here in Spain besides Ikea. Actually, we basically have Ikea, Zara Home, Habitat (which just opened up about a month ago and I’ve yet to go) and Casa. I think my favorite for small things is Casa: they refresh their items a lot, about every month, have…