Monthly Archives: February 2011

Drying Rack


I’ve mentioned before that we air dry our clothes. I wouldn’t mind this at all, (it’s the norm here) if our clothesline situation weren’t lacking. You see, apartments here are supposed to have an outdoor area protected from the weather to let clothes dry. But the area that we have is 1. Not protected from…



I’ve had a rough week after getting my wisdom tooth pulled out, but I’m feeling way better now! I’m looking forward to planning the clothes drying area in the terrace hopefully tomorrow night, since we have a meeting with the neighbors to see if they let us do it. I already have a few ideas,…

Throw Pillows

Apparently I have a thing for throw pillows. I wrote a post a while back about them. And I just bought two more on sale the other day. (Side note: there’s a mall in Bilbao, Zubiarte, which is almost always empty so the sales there are amazing. You find lots of stuff not available anymore…