I’ve had a rough week after getting my wisdom tooth pulled out, but I’m feeling way better now! I’m looking forward to planning the clothes drying area in the terrace hopefully tomorrow night, since we have a meeting with the neighbors to see if they let us do it. I already have a few ideas, can’t wait to get started!

I made no knead homemade bread the other day, and shrimp risotto and browned butter brownie yesterday. I didn’t really like the brownie ¬†despite the great reviews it had (the recipe I normally bake is better in my opinion), so I’m still deciding whether I should blog about it or not. The risotto was amazing (so was the bread, but I made it at night so I couldn’t take pictures) and I’ll post the recipe soon.


In the meantime, though, here’s the recipe for tortilla. I like it better when the eggs aren’t fully cooked, but if you’re concerned, you can just wait a bit longer so they cook through.


  • 2 pounds (1kg) potatoes
  • 1 onion (optional)
  • 5 large eggs
  • salt, olive oil
  1. Peel the potatoes and cut them into small, pyramid-like chunks.
  2. Peel and thinly dice the onion.
  3. In a large saucepan filled with olive oil, fry the potatoes and the onions over medium high heat for 20-30 minutes, until the potatoes are cooked.
  4. Take them out onto a plate, draining the excess oil.
  5. In a large bowl, beat the eggs and add the cooked potatoes and onion. Let it rest for 2 minutes.
  6. In another large pan over medium high heat, pour the egg and potato mixture. It’ll cook quickly.
  7. This is where it gets tricky. You need a plate as big as the pan so you can turn it over. Turn the tortilla over onto the plate and slide it again onto the pan so the other side cooks too.

What do you think? Share your opinion in the comments.

11 thoughts on “Tortilla

  1. Izaskun

    Me encanta una buena tortilla como la de la foto con una ensalada de tomate con aceite de oliva virgen extra arbequina y unas escamas de sal Maldon.

  2. Tami

    You threw me for a loop- I was thinking tortilla as in a Mexican [corn or flour] tortilla. So, is this kind of like an omelette? I’m not sure these pictures could make this look any better though! Woow!

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  5. katie o.

    I can’t believe I just ended up here. I’ve been daydreaming about Tortilla Espanolas all day! And I must say, you did a fantastic job with yours. I have a dual sided pan (specifically for making them) and I still manage to mess them up. Wishing I had a plate of this right now!

    1. Ainhoa @ ALittleBite Post author

      Hi Katie! You just need a plate big enough to barely cover your pan, and the flatter the plate is the better. That said, I’m not the one who makes tortillas at home… my boyfriend is. And when I lived with my parents, it was usually my dad. In fact, one day my dad wasn’t there, so we tried to turn it around between my mom and I and it was so heavy that we almost couldn’t do it! But that’s mostly because of the size. The smaller the tortilla, the easier it is. Don’t despair!

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