Monthly Archives: March 2011

Trader Joe’s

See? The label is in Spanish!

I should start by saying that I love Trader Joe’s. When I was younger, I spent a lot of summers in California (Santa Barbara, to be exact) and my brother and I went to a summer day camp for a few weeks each summer. My mom packed our lunches and she usually included a small…

Green Beans


I apologize for not posting so much lately – this term has been really busy in school. Luckily I finish my classes next Tuesday and then I have exams until April 15th. From then on, I’ll have to write my Master thesis which has to be finished by the end of July. I know it…



Bonjour, mes amis! I got back from a wonderful weekend in Paris on Monday. Since it was a very generous gift from my parents for graduating first of my class, I had the chance to eat at some new places and visit a few old favorites. I’d like to do a short guide and upload…

No Knead Bread


I’ve discovered a magic recipe for baking bread. Okay, maybe I haven’t discovered it since it’s been around for quite some time, but I just got around to making it two weeks ago. And let me tell you… it’s easy. It requires no kneading. It tastes amazing. In fact, I made last Saturday night while…