Monthly Archives: April 2011

Gallery Wall


We’ve finally done. The entrance gallery wall is finished (at least for now).  But before I tell you all about it, let’s take a peek at how it used to look like: The console table was from Ikea’s as-is section (we bought it for 50% off) and the red lanterns were also on sale at…

Gateau Basque


Happy Sunday everyone! Are you enjoying the weekend? It’s been a lazy one for me, mainly because I’m missing a couple of supplies that we need to finish painting the outdoor table and the gallery wall. Since it’s Easter, everything is closed here until Tuesday, and we can’t go out to buy the supplies. I’ve…

A Guide to Paris


I’ve finally finished! My “guide” to Paris is done and uploaded. I hope you like it, because it was a lot of work haha. You can browse it online here (click on it to enlarge it) or download it as a PDF file. Enjoy! Open publication – Free publishing – More foodies

Outdoor Party


I’m finally on vacation!  After one terrible exam and two okay ones, I’m done for now and looking forward to two weeks off. Well, not totally off, but almost. It’ll be two weeks of building, painting, doing things around the home, enjoying the good weather and hopefully blogging a lot more than lately. I’ll mostly…