Ikea Rug Makeover Stencil

I mentioned earlier that I’m having trouble with the comments – WordPress is no longer e-mailing me when I receive new comments, so that’s why it’s taking me so long to approve them and answer them! No idea why, since the settings are the same as always. If anyone has a suggestion to fix it I’d love to hear it.

Anyway, I’ve realized the Ikea rug makeover I posted a while ago has gotten several comments, and since most of them are asking for the stencil, I thought I’d do a mini update with the PDF file of the stencil. In case anyone is wondering how I did it, I just cut out the black part with some scissors and used masking tape to keep it in place. I repeated the pattern 5×7 times (I have the small sized rug, I believe there’s a bigger one).

So, click here to download the stencil!

What do you think? Share your opinion in the comments.

31 thoughts on “Ikea Rug Makeover Stencil

  1. Kathryn

    Hey girl! I love your blog and I’m totally adding you to my list. I used to live in Bilbao… you are close to there, no? Anyway, I love your decorating. Can’t wait to keep reading. Agur!

  2. Tris

    Thank you for the stencil! Your DIY rug is the best i’ve seen. I LOVE Spain. The fact that you’re there makes me like your blog even more. :) Thanks, again.

  3. Carrie

    Oh yay!!! I didn’t even see at first that you were giving away your stencil download!!! Thanks for saving me the time and effort to find a similar one =)

  4. Jeanna

    Omg, I Looove your rug, like many other I have looking for a rug like this and havnt found one that is affordable, I’m so gonna do this thanks so much for the idea and the stencil, love it!!!

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  6. Abby

    So, you cut the black part out, but doesn’t that leave you with a middle portion of the stencil that is freestanding (not connected to the outer part of the page)? Did you have to move the bigger part AND the middle part each time and just hope you centered it evenly? Just trying to make sure I’m not overthinking this when it’s really something simple that I’m just missing, haha!

    1. Melanie

      Well, if you didn’t mind spending the money on ink and paper, you could just print as many copies of the pattern as you need and then tape the larger pieces together on top of the rug, put a small piece of tape in the back center of the central piece, and then you could paint them all at once without stopping and moving the one stencil every time. That’s probably what I’d do to save myself the set-up/paint/move/set-up/paint/move annoyance.

      1. Ainhoa Post author

        I thought about that, but cutting the stencil so many times is pretty annoying, too, so I went with the move it approach :)

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  9. Jennifer

    I have been wanting to get a Moroccan rug with similar shapes, but all of the rugs I have seen are so expensive. I love your DIY rug! So creative and it looks very chic and expensive! I’m just curious, for the stencil, what size is it, what size paper did you use, and what kind of paper did you use? From your experience, does the rug with the latex paint do well with water spills? Also, how did you do the stencil so well without paint bleeding through the stencil? I would appreciate your feedback because I would LOVE to finally have the rug of my dream in my living room! TRhank you.

    1. Ainhoa Post author

      Hey Jennifer,

      I printed the stencil in an A3 sized sheet of paper (that’s like twice the size of a normal sheet of paper). The drawing itself is 1foot x 1 foot, since the rug is 5′x7′ it fits perfectly. The paper was cardboard like but nothing too special – I printed it several times just in case it fell apart mid project but I only ended up using one of them. (Mainly because I was too lazy to cut out more of them). The paint holds out great – I’ve washed the rug a couple of times because it’s in a high traffic area and it turned out okay. A friend even spilled a full glass of wine and now you can’t even tell. Although after washing it three or four times it started to fade a little. That didn’t bother me at all, (I kind of liked the look that way instead of such a stark contrast between green and white) but my boyfriend preferred it whiter so I ended up going over it with a paintbrush once again (it was water-based paint, so it probably wasn’t recommended to wash it, but it holds out fine). I’ve only done that once though, and we’ve had it for more than 2 years.

      So if you have paint for fabric/rugs in the US (which you probably do, there’s just no such a thing here in Spain, at least not readily available) I’d definitely recommend it. And as to why it didn’t bleed, well, it’s partly because of the rug, and I used very little paint on each stroke. Also I kind of freehanded it sometimes even with the stencil in place. You might think it’ll look bad but in the end it doesn’t.

      Sorry it got so long, but I hope that helps!

  10. Brooke

    Could you please tell me the color of the blue paint on your walls? I love the green rug with the blue paint.

    1. Ainhoa Post author

      I’m so sorry Brooke, but the color doesn’t have a name, just a code from the brand (which is Spanish). However, it’s similar to numbers 1, 14, 18 from here http://www.housebeautiful.com/decorating/colors/26-shades-of-gray#last-slide or Polar Sky, Brittany Blue from here http://www.myperfectcolor.com/Top-Blue-Gray-Paint-Colors/3231.htm.
      Also, maybe you could color match it to the photo? The color that’s the bottom left corner of the doorway is pretty accurate in the screen.

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  13. Alithia

    Hey I was wondering how you made the white come through. Paint or bleach?
    It’s turned out really lovely! Congratulations

    1. Ainhoa Post author

      Sorry for the late response! It was paint and came out fine in the wash, actually, just a tinsy bit faded but nothing too excessive.

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