Monthly Archives: May 2011

Kitchen Organization


Anyone with a normal kitchen sink cabinet can tell you that, unless you do anything about it, that cabinet is going to be a mess. Ours is no different. Since we keep our trashcan outside, we have more than enough storage for cleaning supplies inside that cabinet; the problem is actually using that space properly….

Outdoor Dining


We did it! We finally finished the outdoor dining table and benches. It was finished on Tuesday, but I didn’t have my good camera with me until today. Let me refresh your memory and show you how they looked built, but unfinished… It was nice, but since the wood is pine we had to protect…

Jewelry Storage


My days off are coming to an end tomorrow! It’s been a wonderful two weeks, and although I haven’t completed as many projects as I would like, I’ve really enjoyed these days. Oh and the outdoor table and benches just need another coat of paint and stain for it to be d-o-n-e. We’ve both realized…