Monthly Archives: October 2011

Chocolate Cheesecake


We had a gorgeous day yesterday and took advantage of the good weather by celebrating my little cousin’s birthday with a lunch/barbecue. As usual, I brought dessert – although the cake was a hit with the adults only, since it’s a bit sour and not overly sweet (the batter doesn’t have sugar) at all. It’s…

Guest Bedroom Switcheroo


I’ve been sick since Tuesday night (thankfully I’d written the Wednesday post the day before) so I’ll keep this post short. We finally swapped the comfy-but-too-big-for-the-space office chair in the guest bedroom/office! We hadn’t changed it before because, well, it was comfortable and there was nothing wrong with it. Until its casters started scratching our…

Customer Service

So, I finally have my new laptop! Since it’s covered by the AppleCare warranty, I thought I’d talk about my experience with them and how everything worked out, in case someone is thinking about buying an Apple laptop and AppleCare. I bought my (old) laptop, a Macbook, in 2008 and also bought the AppleCare extended…

Weekend Outing


I really wanted to finish the Rast dresser project this weekend, but sadly, that didn’t happen. It’s almost done though! I just have to find the time to stain the top. Anyway, my weekend plans changed when a friend suggested going to Donosti (San Sebastian) on Saturday, since the boys had a handball match there…

DIY To-Do List

I had a full post written about our weekend outing, but the computer I borrowed (no, I still don’t have the new one, but that’s another story. Hopefully it’ll be here by next week…) won’t let me edit the pictures I wanted. So I decided to let you know our full list of plans for…

Meat Lasagna


Wednesday was a holiday here, so it’s been a weird week – but we had a day off, so I’m not complaining! We have a few upcoming long weekends, actually, since the 25th of October and the 1st of November are national holidays – both of them on Tuesday. Then on December, we have two…