Ikea Rast Dresser Hack

Apparently I’m on a roll this week, because I got a ton of things done this (long) weekend. Not only did I set up my new laptop and installed a t-shirt filing system, but we also finished the Ikea Rast dresser, organized the kitchen shelving situation (by adding another shelf, basically), started a new project to spruce up my desk a bit, and bought supplies for the board & batten wall treatment and paint for the bar stools. We also cooked a few things: gateau basque, braised beef cheeks (I should share the recipe!) and pumpkin soup (just like this carrot soup but with pumpkin instead of carrot, and no curry) were all on the menu this weekend.

The Ikea Rast dresser was a very simple project:

  1. I assembled the dresser structure and drawers (except for the drawer rails, which I did at the end).
  2. Then I painted the dresser and drawers white (one coat primer two coats paint).
  3. I installed my Zara Home knobs instead of the knobs that came with the dresser.
  4. We cut the boards for the top of the dresser at the desired size: we left a couple of inches of overhang on all sides except for the back, so the dresser sits against the wall.
  5. Attached the boards using the trusty old Kreg Jig (my parents got it for us as a gift last year after Ana White recommended it and we love it. It’s made our woodworking projects a lot easier).
  6. And then I stained the top using stain we had leftover from our outdoor dining table (two coats).
  7. Finally, we attached the top to the dresser itself using long screws (we attached the screws from the inside so they’re not visible) and mounted the rails/drawers in place.

Oh and regarding the cost, this was a 20€ project (the cost of the dresser) thanks to a gift card I had for Zara Home (otherwise the knobs would’ve been 12€) and the fact that the other supplies (paint, stain, wood) were leftover from other projects.

Right now it lives in the entryway, but we might switch to the living room so that it replaces the 5€ Ikea Lack side table. Here it is all prettied up!

IMG 6772

IMG 6774

I apologize for the picture quality – but it’s because of the way the light comes in. Unfortunately the only source of light is the living room, so there’s no real fix for that. I still have to work on my “styling” (I’ve already shuffled things a bit after taking these pics) but I hope you like it! What about you guys? Any DIY projects that you can’t wait to share?

What do you think? Share your opinion in the comments.

15 thoughts on “Ikea Rast Dresser Hack

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  2. annabelvita

    Hello Ainhoa! I’ve been looking at the Rast as a possible storage solution in our TOO SMALL bedroom! I know it’s very small, but I wondered what sort of storage you get inside the drawers? Any chance of a picture? My email address is annabelvita@yahoo.co.uk if you get a chance! Thank you.

    1. Ainhoa Post author

      Hey Annabel! I’m not at home right now (it’s a national holiday today here!) but as soon as I get back I’ll take a few pics. I get a lot of storage for its size, I think, since I’m able to fit all the tablecloths, pretty kitchen cloths that I use for food photos, and aprons. And believe me; I have quite a few of them!

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