Monthly Archives: January 2012

The Dress Hunt Begins


Even though a friend of mine is making my dress, I took Kristen’s suggestion and decided to try on some dresses to see which style I like. So, last Friday I went to Rosa Clará. We went without an appointment, but they were free, so the shop assistant had me try on quite a few…

Powder Room Upgrades


How was everyone’s weekend? I must admit, mine was pretty unproductive – albeit relaxing. I’ve already mentioned a couple of times that my boyfriend’s in a handball team, so the weekends that the game is away from home there isn’t much time to do anything. I stayed in, watched TV, started reading a book, and…

Menu Ideas


With the date set (September 7th!) and still looking for a venue, I thought we should start brainstorming ideas for the menu. You might recall that we’re catering the wedding ourselves – partly out of necessity (the cheapest wedding menus are 100€ per person and the food isn’t that great, plus the price doesn’t include…