Monthly Archives: February 2012

The little details: guestbook design


Remember last week when I talked about guestbook ideas? Well, we already have a winner! Drumroll please… Via SayAnythingDesign It’s the one with card stock circles! I really appreciated all your comments and suggestions regarding the ones you prefer, but we ultimately decided to go with this one because it’s something we can frame, and…

Holey Moly


Operation living room built-ins continues, slowly but surely. After switching the radiators, the next step was to add a couple of outlets. Which required a lot of hole-making. But I’m getting ahead of myself. Now, I want to start by saying that we’re not experts – and electrical work can be dangerous, so definitely make…

The Paper Trail


We already have sorted out (most of) the big ticket items: the date is set, we have the ceremony & reception venue, we’ve started trying out recipes for the menu (check out the ceviche and stay tuned for another recipe on Friday!), I’ve already delegated the music to a friend, and I’m talking to a…

Switching radiators


Operation “Make the living room built-ins” has officially begun! Since we wanted the cabinets to span the whole wall, and there was a radiator obstructing one of the walls, the first step was to fix that. Our initial idea was to move the radiator a bit along the wall, but unfortunately this wasn’t possible because…

Wedding dress sketches


My friend Maite (who used to have a portfolio online, but she no longer does, so I’m linking to her Pinterest boards) has already started designing some sketches for my dress and I couldn’t be more excited! It’s going to be so hard to choose one. In case you’re wondering how she decided on an…