Monthly Archives: March 2012

Houston, we have a problem


Remember a while ago I told you that we were planning on doing our own tablecloths with Ikea fabric? Yeah, apparently I severely miscalculated the amount of fabric we were going to need (as in, we bought about half of what we needed). As it turns out, if we were to purchase twice as much,…

Burlap runners + seating chart


The burlap arrived Monday afternoon! It’s a heavy package, but it looks great. In case you’re wondering, I ordered it from Jutestoff, a German website. I don’t speak German, but with a little help of Google Translate I managed quite well. The service was excellent – they sent me some free samples beforehand – and…

Researching ovens


I really wanted to be done with the living room cabinets – it seems like the project is dragging on forever – but we’ve been busy this weekend so we didn’t get to work on that.  Instead, I’ve been researching oven options for the last several weeks, and we’re going to have to pull the…