Monthly Archives: June 2012

A Visit to Potsdam


We’re in Brussels right now, on a four hour layover, and I won’t get home until midnight or so. I wanted to post the pictures today like I promised, so here they are. Yesterday, our last full day in Berlin, we decided to visit Potsdam. This was my second time in Berlin and the first…

More Pictures of Berlin


  I’ve had a couple of busy days! I spent all Tuesday inside the conference room, but today it ended at 1PM so we were able to go shopping a bit. Even though the conference is over, we’re staying a couple of extra days to enjoy Berlin a bit more. The weather hasn’t been great,…

Snapshots of Berlin


We got here yesterday around noon (my aunt came with me) and, even though I was exhausted (I hadn’t slept more than 4 hours) we managed to walk around quite a bit. The first stop was Mauerpark, at a huge antique/second hand street market that takes place on Sunday. Unfortunately we visited it while our…

Ceremony Readings


We’ve encountered a few major issues with wedding planning recently… I’m not quite ready to talk about it though, so you’ll have to forgive me. Hopefully we’ll sort it out in a couple of weeks and then I’ll explain everything. With problems in the horizon, we’ve turned our attention to things we can actually work…

Sign, Signal, Signage


I had every intention of finishing the signs for the wedding the weekend prior to the last one… unfortunately that didn’t happen. Why is it that DIY projects always take longer than expected? Anyway, I was able to find some time to paint this last weekend (and Monday afternoon) and I’m *almost* done. One more…

Vanity Fair


One of the 2012 home improvement goals (actually, one of the “maybes”) was to switch the pedestal sinks in both bathrooms for vanities. I love a good pedestal sink and ours are actually really nice, but I prefer vanities for their storage capabilities. After all, most bathroom necessities aren’t usually pretty. Even though we managed…

Flourless Chocolate Cake


I still have to fix a few things around here (the last three posts have disappeared) but I hope everything else works fine. Thanks everyone for your patience! Switching servers was a pain but necessary, because the old company had been extremely unresponsive for several months now. Hopefully this one will turn out better. So…