Monthly Archives: October 2012

Going Footless


Thanks everyone for all your comments last week! I had a great time in France, meeting new people and eating lots (and lots) of croissants and pain au chocolats. The hotel/area was gorgeous, but they jam-packed our schedules so much I didn’t even get a chance to take a single picture! So I lugged my…

Bring on the paint


[Like I mentioned last Friday, I'm in France this week with limited access to the computer, so all posts are scheduled and I probably won't be able to answer comments] We have a couple of end tables acting as a coffee table in our small living room. You’ve seen them before here, for example… Originally,…

Marinated Anchovies


Today’s a holiday here, and the weather isn’t great, so it’s a perfect day to stay in, bake something and watch a movie. So I think that’s what I’ll do! I wanted to share another recipe from the wedding though, a very typical appetizer here: marinated (fresh) anchovies. The anchovies are “cooked” because of the…

Our DIY Wedding


I’ve thought long and hard about how and what to share regarding our wedding. As you know, it was a complete DIY affair . From the invitations and decor to setting up the venue and even the food, the only thing we hired professionals for was the photography. We also paid a couple of students…