Even More Wedding Crafts

Today’s the last day of the wedding craft extravaganza, check out part one and part two.

1. Escort cards (big board, cardboard, washi tape, home printer; free for us because we used stuff we already had)

A A  Boda 100

We used a big wood board (that used to be part of a tabletop), different rolls of washi tape, white cardboard, and our home printer. I made them with a combination of Apple’s Pages, Numbers, and the “Mail Merge” feature. Basically, I designed the escort card in Pages (I had to adjust the size of the sheet I was working with so that it was exactly the size I wanted). It’s simply a name, a 20-point star and the number of the table.

Then I created a spreadsheet in Numbers with two columns: the name of the guest on the first column and their assigned table on the second one. I ordered the spreadsheet in ascending order according to the table numbers (this was important since I wanted to change the background color of the star badge and it was easier this way). Once that was done, I went back to pages, selected the Mail Merge feature and it automatically creates a page/sheet with each escort card. In my case since we had 63 guests I had a 63 page document.

Because I wanted the board to be colorful, I decided to change the background color of the star “badge” according to the table number. So table 1 was one color, table 2 was another one… I couldn’t figure out if there’s a way to do this automatically so I just did it by hand but because the document was created according to table number it didn’t take me longer than a couple of minutes.


Then it was time to print them. I set the printer settings to fit 16 escort cards per page and cut them afterwards. Lastly, it was just a matter of ordering them alphabetically (sadly since we didn’t include last names in the cards we had to order them alphabetically by first name… which is something I hate) and spacing them out in the wood board properly. I used 5 or 6 different types of washi tape to stick the cards to the board. Oh and I had heard that you’re supposed to cut washi tape by hand but I did it with scissors because it was much faster.

A A  Boda 106

I also designed a floor plan with the tables just in case they didn’t see the names in the table runners (busca tu mesa = find your table)

A A  Boda 105

2. Confetti “bags” (tissue paper 0.10€ per sheet, 3 inch translucent glassine envelopes, washi tape)

My mom bought tissue paper in different colors and used two sizes of circle punchers to make the confetti. Then we filled small (3 inch x 3 inch) translucent glassine envelopes (that my mom got at a PaperSource in Santa Barbara) with it and closed them with a tiny bit of washi tape. We placed all the mini envelopes in a basket we already had and made a sign that read “confetti” that we stuck to the back of the basket. You can see my youngest cousin with it here…

A A  Boda 439

And the outcome here

A A  Boda 520

3. “Take me home” centerpieces (planter boxes, IKEA pots, plants, popsicle sticks, black sharpie, white enamel paint; around 10€ per centerpiece)

A A  Boda 31

I already talked about how we made the planter boxes so I won’t bore you with that again. Now I’ll mention what went inside them though. We bought three of these pots to fit inside each planter several weeks before the wedding. Just a few days before the wedding, we went to Ikea and a local garden supply store and bought all the plants for them. We mixed flowers with leafy green plants and fresh herbs such as basil, thyme, chive, mint…  basically whatever was available that day. Since we couldn’t possibly keep all 42 pots + plants we decided to add markers made of popsicle sticks that said “take me home” on one side and the name of the plant if it was an edible one on the other side. We made those with popsicle sticks, white enamel paint leftover from another project, and I hand wrote them with a thin black sharpie. Since I wasn’t sure what plants we’d be buying, I had painted the sticks beforehand but wrote on top of them the day we bought the plants. It was actually a pretty quick project.

A A  Boda 82

A friend helped me move the plants/flowers from their original plastic pots to the ceramic ones from Ikea and arrange them into the planter boxes so that they looked nice. We then took them to the wedding site a day or two before the wedding (and decided to place the ones we liked best closer to us, hah).

A A  Boda 86

4. Tiki torches (tikki torches 0.70€ each, pots already owned)

Because we had only added lighting to the inside of the tents, and when night falls it gets pitch black here, we knew we needed to add something to mark the path from the tents to the house (and into the restroom). We found tiki-style torches for 0.70€ and bought several on them without a specific use in mind, until it hit us they’d be perfect for that purpose.

A A  Boda 143

A A  Boda 140

The problem was that we couldn’t stick them into the ground directly because the terrain wasn’t soft enough for that. So we used small pots we had in our patio, filled them with soil, stuck the posts inside, and covered the soil with small rocks (those white ones sold in the gardening section) to prettify it. Sadly I don’t have a picture of them lit up but they looked great and marked the path you were supposed to follow really well.

5. “Thank you” e-mails (free Dropbox account)

There isn’t a tradition to send thank you cards here, but since a lot of our guests had asked for pictures from the wedding, we decided to upload them to my Dropbox account and send an e-mail with a link to them (thanks to the University I now have a free Dropbox account with more than 30GB in it, so there was more than enough space for the pics). I whipped up a short thank you e-mail using a stationery template from Apple’s Mail program, nothing fancy.


In it, I thanked everyone for coming, shared a link to the photos (both the professional photos and the ones taken with my camera once they left), and asked our guests to name the photographers if they shared one of their pictures online. It has worked really well since each person can choose the photos they like and save them or print them out if they want.

And that ends the wedding crafts how-to series! Be sure to check out a slew of other posts on the subject here. And do tell, what were your favorite crafts while planning your own wedding?

All photos except the last one by Kenoa Photography

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17 thoughts on “Even More Wedding Crafts

  1. K @ Shift Ctrl ART

    Oh my goodness, I love everything you did so much. Can we turn back time about 16 years, so you can help me plan my wedding all over again? I put my bulk of time into sewing my wedding dress and flower girl dresses, which had always been a dream of mine, but next to no time in all the things you did with yours. I love love love everything you did. I think you designed the perfect wedding in all respects!

    That confetti picture is just so amazing. Totally worth what must have been hours of punching circles.

    You should submit your whole wedding to one of the wedding magazines. Really!

    1. Ainhoa Post author

      Thanks Katja! We’ve considered submitting it, I might do that this Christmas if I have the time. And sewing your own wedding dress must have been awesome!

    1. Ainhoa Post author

      The DIY confetti was actually my mom’s idea… it didn’t take *too* long though, and it added a nice touch.

  2. Amanda

    Wow, but you really did work a lot . I am impressed with your designer skills, I showed your recipe book to Mark and he was convinced you were a graphic designer… and I was like,ummm guess again: phd er in economy.
    I remember cutting out flowers and filling the baskets for the little flower boy and girl on the morning of the wedding. Arranging the welcome packs and favors was also fun because all the girls in the family did it together (my mom, mom in law, sister, and sister in law).
    Setting everything up (the chinese lanterns and photobooth) was also quite fun, mostly because I was following instructions while others (my brothers and a friend)_did the thinking.
    But I did not come close to DIYing as much as you did…it was more of a thrifting / searching for bargains marathon. (Ikea is great for vases)
    I did enjoy doing our thank you cards (from a printed photo where we were holding a thank you sign on a chalkboard) and making a scrapbooks with little trinkets and cutouts I kept from wedding planning.

    1. Ainhoa Post author

      Thanks Amanda, I’m really flattered. I’d love to do some design related work someday but I’m not sure that’s possible right now. And I loved shopping for bargains at Ikea, too! I also have great memories of preparing everything with our friends & family.

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