Currently Loving | Living Room Edition

The living room has been constantly evolving since we moved in, and we still have a few things planned in there. I thought I’d show the look I was going for.

Living room

ONE // Of course, first on the list are the barn doors for the passthrough. We’ll be finishing the trim this weekend so the last step is building the doors. We’re thinking of doing something to the image above but I’m not sure about the color/stain. I thought something dark would balance out the black Chicago skyline on the other side of the room, but perhaps a pop of color would be better? What do you think?

TWO //  I’ve been loving grain sack pillows lately and I think something like the one pictured would look lovely on the stenciled arm chair to tone it down. I’ve been thinking about taking up sewing so maybe I’ll try making a pillow case!

THREE // I fell in love with these throw pillows from Yiayias on Etsy. They’d be awesome on top of the beige couch and pick up the tones of the red-orangish vases from Ikea.

FOUR // I’m pretty sure these hive vases from West Elm are on every blogger’s wish list. I wanted to buy them while on our honeymoon but couldn’t find them. Since my parents are in Chicago right now I’ve asked them to buy one if they can.

FIVE // This throw from Zara Home is a bit pricy for a blanket but serves as an inspiration and looks comfy. Now that the couch is off-white a white throw makes no sense. Plus, I *might* have thrown the white throw in a too hot washing cycle and it *might* have shrunk to half its size…

SIX // I love everything rustic-industrial lately and this table is no exception. We will be building something like the one pictured above, this one, or this one. Where will we put it, you might ask? Well, after finishing with the passthrough, we’re thinking about redoing the TV area. The TV unit we have right now is very deep and since we have a flat TV, we don’t really need that depth. Plus, I’ve considered caving and hanging the TV from the wall. I’ve never really been a huge fan of wall-mounted TVs (not sure why, really, maybe I thought it looked too bachelor-paddy?) but lately I’ve changed my mind, and I’ve realized that if executed properly it can look great. So, we’d mount the TV to the wall and build something similar to what you see above, perhaps with a cubby for the cable setup.

SEVEN // We have a small rattan ottoman that I bought on sale for 10€ a few years ago at Zara Home, and even though I really like it, the color is very similar to the rug beneath it and it blends in too much. I thought I’d use that painted pouf as an inspiration to do something similar with our ottoman. Should be fun and easy.

What do you guys think of our living room plans? Should we go for something more colorful with the passthrough doors? It’s my first time making (sort of) a moodboard, I hope you liked it!

What do you think? Share your opinion in the comments.

10 thoughts on “Currently Loving | Living Room Edition

  1. Katja @ Shift Ctrl ART

    Ooohh I love your mood board right down to the numbers written out and the dotted lines. I love all the elements you have picked. I can really see how they will all take your living room to that next level of awesomeness :) The mix of colors are terrific.
    I really want to build a new coffee table too. I can’t wait to see how you build yours.
    There is a new weekly moodboard link party over on designyourdwelling.blogspot. You might want to check it out :)

    1. Ainhoa Post author

      Gah, me too!!! We went to the hardware store yesterday to figure out which materials we’ll be needing.

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