Wedding Memorabilia: Nontraditional Guest Book

Last year, while we were planning our wedding, I shared ideas for a nontraditional guest book. Then I blogged about the idea we finally went with. The way we set it up at the wedding was this; I printed and framed the version with the circles:


Next to it, we set up two bowls, one with the blank cardboard circles, and another one which was initially empty, where people could leave their written notes. We also provided a couple of pens, ink, and wipes for the one who left their fingerprint.

I also wrote a couple of signs – one asked guests to leave a note, their signature, or their fingerprint on one of the blank cardboard circles. The other pointed to the framed blank “guest book” above and stated that, once we were done with it, it would look something like that (but filled with their signatures of course). Since this was all a bit non traditional, I hoped that was clear enough for everyone.

I didn’t think everyone would sign, but boy was I wrong! We had tons of signatures, notes, and fingerprints when all was said and done. And I think giving guests the option to sign or leave a fingerprint instead of writing us a note was key to this, since most people have a hard time figuring out what to say in events like this one, myself included. So whomever felt like writing something did, and everyone else just signed, and it worked out really nicely.

A few months after the wedding, I finally reprinted the circle-less “guest book” background (in a bigger size than I intended because we had a lot more circles than I expected) and assembled it. I arranged them on top of the background without gluing them first, making sure to space out the colors, and when I was happy with the arrangement, I carefully glued them all one by one. It took me a lot less than I expected (about half an hour maybe?) and doing this myself instead of having it already assembled at the wedding / having guests glue them themselves gave me a little bit of control over it and there were no smudges, etc. the day of.

Once the assembly was done, I had to find a frame for it. Since it ended being bigger than I expected, there were no ready made frames for it and I had one made to measure. But I found this great store online that had exactly what I was looking for (black wood frames, I wanted to see the grain a bit when up close) and it wasn’t expensive considering it was made to measure, 36€ including shipping.

Here it is in our entry way!

Diy wedding guest book 1

Diy wedding guest book 2

I’m happy to have it in the entry way, since it’s right next to the living room so a ton of people see it,  and check it out to locate their name. And it kind of reminds me of the movie UP. So that’s the last of the wedding-related stuff… it took a few months, but I’m so glad to finally get it done.

What do you think? Share your opinion in the comments.

18 thoughts on “Wedding Memorabilia: Nontraditional Guest Book

    1. Ainhoa Post author

      Yes! The other day we had some friends over for dinner and they were checking it out looking for theirs. I wanted to hang it next to the hall bathroom door so that guests saw it when going to the bathroom but the wall was too narrow :(

  1. Amanda

    It is super original, I love that it is hanging in the entrance, for everyone to see. We want to do something with all the photobooth photos (that have messages scribbled on blackboards) but that would be a huge collage to frame. Still, an idea….

    1. Ainhoa Post author

      I have to check out how you did the photo booth! Was it with polaroids so that they could write on them or was it an actual photo booth?

      1. Amanda

        It was a DIY-photobooth, pretty much we used a flowery cloth as a background, put a box with props, a camera on automatic setting on a tripod, and blackboards + chalks for people to write a message and pose with it. So we have the digital files of the photos… (some of which are printed in our album).

        1. Ainhoa Post author

          That’s awesome! We’re helping out a friend with a photobooth, I’ll have to suggest that as well.

    1. Ainhoa Post author

      You could “hang” them from a tree painted on a sheet of paper! It must have been gorgeous the day of the wedding :)

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