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I’ve paired up with five other awesome bloggers to bring you the Ikea dream house. You all know I’m a bit obsessed with Ikea, so participating in this seemed like a no brainer. We each drew a different room/area in a house and went to town designing a mood board exclusively with Ikea products. Together, we have:


Archivo adjunto al mensaje

I drew Outdoor Living, which seemed fitting since our patio is bigger than our apartment. Of course as soon as I started doing the moodboard I wanted to include ALL THE THINGS so I had to contain myself and only pick a few of my favorites.


When you have a big enough outdoor space, I think it’s best when it’s broken up into a few smaller areas: a space for cooking / outdoor kitchen, a dining area, and a place to relax or a conversation area. I also think it’s important to be mindful of the materials when you pick your outdoor furniture; as much as I love our wood furniture in the patio, I’m not going to lie. It’s pretty high maintenance. With that in mind, here’s what I came up with:


ONE // What a better way to cook outdoors than with the KLASEN grill + sideboard combo. The grill even has a thermometer that allows you to check the inside temperature without opening the lid.

TWO // This basic two piece MANNÖN utensil set is a must have when preparing for a barbecue.

THREE // Rotate the grilled burgers and cook a paella one day using the SKÄNKA paella pan (and try out my paella recipe!)

FOUR //  We have the BAGGÖN umbrella in our patio and love the shade it provides when we dine outside. It’s bigger than it looks and since it’s a hanging umbrella you can use any table with it.

FIVE // The FALSTER  dining table in grey is made synthetic materials, so it’s weather resistant and care-free, a huge plus in my book. As much as I love our wood outdoor furniture, it’s very high maintenance, so that’s something to consider when buying your outdoor sets.

SIX // I’d pair the light grey table with dark grey ROXÖ chairs. We have a few of these ourselves and they’re lightweight but sturdy, stackable, and care-free.

SEVEN // For the heads of the table I love the LÄCKÖ armchair. I always eye it when we go to Ikea (it’s so comfortable!) but we don’t really have a place/need for it right now.

EIGHT //  Some assorted potted plants would make a great centerpiece – we bought plants+flowers at Ikea for our wedding centerpieces and some of them are still going strong.

NINE // The SOCKER plant pot in galvanized steel complete the centerpiece look.

TEN // No outdoor space is complete without a place to relax. The SUNDERÖ chaise lounge has a detached footrest so it can double as a lounger or an armchair.

ELEVEN // The HÖGSTEN armchair is another favorite of mine, and paired with a cushion, one of the comfiest seats.

TWELVE // I’d round out the space with the AMMERÖ coffee table, so that you have a little conversation area in your patio.

THIRTEEN // And because I’m a pillow addict, I’d of course add the VALBORG cushion.

P.S: This post is in no way sponsored by Ikea. I (we) simply love shopping there. Oh and don’t forget to check out the other moodboards by clicking on the links above!

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24 thoughts on “IKEA Dream Home + Blogger Style

  1. Katja @ Shift Ctrl Art

    Wow this space is just fantastic. I love that you made three separate spaces. I didn’t even know that IKEA made a barbeque.

    I love the tables and chairs you chose and it was so smart to think of maintenance as well. The Hogsten chair is really awesome!!

    1. Ainhoa Post author

      Thanks Katja! I didn’t either until I started making the moodboard! Now I want one for our patio if we can convince the neighbors :)

    1. Ainhoa Post author

      Thanks Amber! We have similar cook-eat-relax zones so I thought I should break it up here, too. It was really fun working on this with you guys!

  2. Anu

    Love what you came up with for all of the three zones! I had the Hogsten chair on what used to be my deck. We’re dealing with a pile of dirt/mud now. :(

  3. Gretchen@BoxyColonial

    Nice! I love that you mixed the two different chairs for the dining table (and that you thought about keeping the material practical even for the mood board :) ). And the three different zones are great!

    1. Ainhoa Post author

      Ha, as I was making the moodboard I kept choosing things I’d like for myself (with an unlimited budget of course..)

    1. Ainhoa Post author

      You should! They have outdoor sofas that are really comfy as well. And we’ve had that umbrella for 3 years now and it’s held up great.

  4. Kenz @ Interiors by Kenz

    IKEA makes a bbq?! Say WHAT?! haha. And it’s a pretty good looking one too. Your space looks terrific. I can’t WAIT until we have our house under control enough to work on a patio. I imagine it will be something like this, since we are freaks about IKEA :)

    1. Ainhoa Post author

      I didn’t know they had barbecues either!! Our building’s exterior is made of dark gray rocks so this one would look pretty slick out there :)

  5. Kim@NewlyWoodwards

    I miss our deck from our old house, and seeing this just makes me miss it more. I love that sun shade, and the dining area is simply perfect for relaxing with dinner and a glass of wine.

    1. Ainhoa Post author

      Thanks Kim, glad you like it! We have the umbrella and always use it for shade (and privacy from the upstairs neighbors); it’s awesome and bigger than it looks.

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