Fall Wish List

I thought I’d switch things up this week after the radio silence, and just to break all the weekend recaps for a bit. Plus my birthday and the holidays are creeping up after all…


ONE // I’m in desperate need of jeans, no doubt about it. I’ve been rotating two pairs for a really long time now. The problem is, I’m usually really picky. I don’t like them to be too tight, or too stretchy… I can try on ten pairs and not like a single one. So I’d never given jeggings a chance before. But I tried on a pair of black jeggings a few weeks ago that I ended up buying and really like them, so I think I can give these a shot.

TWO // I love wool peacoats, especially brightly colored ones. I’d love to add a green, red or mustard yellow to my wardrobe – hopefully I’ll find one on sale this fall.

THREE // I’ve been meaning to buy a pair of high quality leather boots, and settled on these ones from Frye, only if I could find them 30% off or more (original price is around $300). I saw them for half off a couple of weeks ago, but wasn’t sure what my size was so I held up until I could try them on, and by that time… they were gone! I’m waiting for them to be in stock again, hopefully. I already had my mind set on these as my birthday gift! Yes, I usually pick out my own birthday gifts.

FOUR // We love the Kreg Jig. Since we don’t have a table saw we thought this could help us make long cuts. And of course I signed up for a trial membership of Amazon Prime when we got here so of course I already bought this… barely fits in the suitcase but I can’t wait to use it back home.

FIVE // Like I mentioned, we love our Kreg Jig. And this will help us make straight cuts for only $12. Enough said!

SIX // After 3+ years I think it’s safe to say we’ll never get around to painting the stools in the kitchen, plus I’m obsessed with all the Tolix metal stools out there. I’d love to have three of these, but at 59€ each it’s a tough pill to swallow…

SEVEN // This honeycomb pendant light has been on my Pinterest wish list board for a long time now. Last week I was thinking maybe I should just buy it now that I can actually have it shipped to me. Of course as I type this it’s now out of stock… story of my life lately.

EIGHT // NINE // I think it’s safe to say Flour Bakery + Cafe has quickly become one of our favorite lunch spots in the area, so we’d love to have the two cookbooks so that we can cook the recipes ourselves once we go back home.

What about you guys? Do you have anything you’re crushing on lately? Do you also pick out your own gifts and give not-so-subtle hints?

What do you think? Share your opinion in the comments.

12 thoughts on “Fall Wish List

    1. Ainhoa Post author

      Yeah I don’t know how I found them! Online I think. I was planning on buying them at Home Depot but they had no idea what I was talking about so I got them on Amazon instead.

  1. Julia @Cuckoo4Design

    I’m really picky with jeans too ;)
    I don’t have a table saw either so I might have to try your tool suggestion.
    Love the boots too.

    1. Ainhoa Post author

      Yeah I’m super picky! I’ll let you know how the Kreg tool works, but I think it’ll be great considering how much we like the Kreg Jig.

    1. Ainhoa Post author

      I know! The founder/master chef is giving a talk next week as part of a Science+Cooking series of lectures here, and since we’re planning on attending I was thinking maybe I could buy them beforehand and have her sign them! But I’m afraid I’ll probably be too shy to ask, hah.

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