More Boston Recommendations

I took an unexpected hiatus, but I’m back with a few more Boston recommendations before our stay here ends in a couple of weeks – it flew by so fast!

  • Taza Chocolate Factory Tour // Taza Chocolate is a mexican-inspired type of chocolate (its texture is a bit crunchy since they don’t grind it as much and it uses raw sugar) that’s made here in Cambridge/Sommerville. We loved this tour. It was super informative and we had a great time – I really recommend it to anyone who loves food/chocolate. Of course it also helps that you get to sample tons of their chocolate after the tour’s over. There’s a Groupon deal right now that’s great if you plan to visit with someone else.
  • Samuel Adams Factory Tour // We went to Samuel Adam’s factory the day after visiting Taza Chocolate and, although the tour was fine (especially considering it was free) we felt that it wasn’t nearly as exhaustive/informative as the Taza one. Don’t get me wrong, it was okay, and if you’re a beer lover I’d definitely go if only for their free beer samples (you get to sample three types, one of which is usually not even on the market yet) and the souvenir glass they give you.
  • The Just Crust Pizzeria // It’s another pizzeria we have on the area. We ordered from it once and took it home, and this week we had dinner there one night. Definitely eat there if you can, since the crust is really thin, it gets cold quickly. Their seasonal squash pizza is awesome, and the four cheese was delicious (and I think the first four cheese pizza I’ve ever had that wasn’t too strong/salty).
  • Market Basket Supermarket // It took us a while to find this place (we used to shop at a Shaw’s nearby) but since we did, we’ve been doing our major shopping over there. The prices are unbeatable (I’m talking about half the price of other supermarkets in the area) and the quality is pretty good. Try to avoid going on weekends though, it gets crazy in there.
  • Stephanie’s on Newbury Restaurant // We went there for brunch last Sunday with my parents and everyone but me ordered some type of eggs benedict, which they all said was pretty good (my sandwich was good as well). It’s pricier than other brunch restaurants in Boston just because it’s on Newbury, but if you’re in the area, it’s a nice place. Reservations are recommended though.
  • The Thinking Cup Coffee // We had lunch one day here and it’s another place I’d recommend for soup+sandwiches if you’re in the Boston Common area, though it is a bit pricier than other places.
  • Maria’s Pastry Shop // Forget Mike’s Pastry or even Modern, this is the place to go for cannoli. They fill them up for you when you order them, which helps them stay crunchy for longer, and the chocolate dipped (with ricotta of course) were delicious.
  • Central Bottle // Fancy shop for charcuterie, cheeses, olive oil and wine in the Central Sq area in Cambridge. They also prepare sandwiches (but with homemade baguettes) for lunch Monday through Friday. Definitely check it out if you’re in the area.
  • The Kebab Factory // The $13 lunch buffet on Sundays is great if you’re in the mood for Indian food. The place is pretty small though, so get there early or be prepared to wait for a bit.
  • Tavern in the Square // We had dinner there once a couple of weeks ago with some friends, and although a bit pricy, it was pretty decent. What I’d really recommend is their buffet brunch for $13-$14 on the weekend though.
  • Dave’s Fresh Pasta // This place was packed on a cold and rainy Saturday. We had lunch there – a couple of very delicious grilled sandwiches – and bought some handmade fresh raviolis to eat for dinner that night (for around $7 a pound, serves 2-3), which were also great. I especially liked the squash raviolis.

Even as our time here draws to a close, we still have a couple of places we’d like to visit before we leave. And of course, we still have our Thanksgiving New York trip to look forward to!

What do you think? Share your opinion in the comments.

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