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Even More Wedding Crafts


Today’s the last day of the wedding craft extravaganza, check out part one and part two. 1. Escort cards (big board, cardboard, washi tape, home printer; free for us because we used stuff we already had) We used a big wood board (that used to be part of a tabletop), different rolls of washi tape,…

More Wedding Crafts


I’m back with the second installment of wedding crafts. Some of these things I’ve already mentioned but I haven’t talked about how we made them or how much they cost, so here you go… 1. Food signs (16€ for the mini chalkboards, plus materials already on hand like washi tape, wood dowels, twine)  We used…

Window Menu


I’ve had lots of questions regarding the window-pane menus we had at the wedding, so I thought I’d share how they came to be. It all started with one of my wedding inspiration images from Pinterest: Image from BeyondWhite on Etsy, via Pinterest I had been obsessed with window panes for quite some time now, and…